Why our newest associate producer came aboard

We were knee-deep in the weeds, burning up the Internet yesterday in our quest to generate more support (financial and otherwise) for Goodbye, NOLA. One of our messages lands on the computer screen of Mark S. Weller. He replies with “I’ll take a look at your Indiegogo campaign.”

A few minutes later, we get a rapid series of Facebook DMs. They read like this:

Right in my wheelhouse –
i like stories about families handling the end of life process in an affirming way
and if it’s not a fiction – all the better
plus New Orleans
so it’s just great

This was followed by an email from Indiegogo and Fractured Atlas (our nonprofit partner) letting us know that Mark just became an associate producer.

We appreciate his generosity because it’s the kind of financial support necessary to make an indie film. But you know what’s just as cool? The enthusiasm. The passion. The connection that our story made. That’s why we need to make this movie.

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