The magic of movies

Here’s a post from Goodbye, NOLA’s Edmondo Tinetti. Among other tasks, he’ll be our colorist and this is how he works his magic.

I was working on a film called “Sonnet 36 “ directed by Rowan Brooks.   Before the dawn of the day began, the crew was setting up the shot to capture the sun rising from the east.  The cast was placed in a 50’s style public bus, the crew was ready to shoot and the light of day seemed promising for a spectacular shot.  Of course reality set in and the bus wouldn’t start.  Countless gawkers and oglers were all trying to be the one to solve the day.  3 hours later …. the sunrise came up and went.  Beautiful colors. Then a grip asked: “is there gas in the bus?”  Sure enough no gas.  We got the gas in an hour later and now it was mid-morning full of sunlight.

We shot the scene and the footage looked too bright—it looked more like mid-day instead of early morning.  I got the footage and did my magic, adding contrast and pinks and golds to the shot to assimilate early dawn.

The proof is in the clip.  We didn’t have to reshoot another dawn.  I was able to give the look that the director wanted and it was a good day.

Edmondo Tinetti 

DIT, Editor and Colorist

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