We’ve wrapped!


We’ve packed it up. After a thrilling ride through the great city of New Orleans, we wrapped the shoot Thursday evening. To celebrate all of the great work, we had a fantastic wrap party at one of New Orleans’ favorite spots in Treme. The place is called the Ooh Poo Pah Doo bar and it has special significance to our film since it was the home of Travis “Trumpet Black” Hill, a talented young trumpeteer who played a key role in the actual story our film is based on. Travis died tragically at the age of 28 last year. Over the past month or so, we’ve come to know and love his family, so it was fitting that we ended our journey at that location. More than a few tears were shed as we presented a trumpet to Travis’ family in the hopes that they will pay it forward, inspiring the next Trumpet Black.

We’ll post more pics later but here’s a shot of cast, crew and new friends made during the big bash celebrating the successful completion of principal photography of Goodbye, NOLA.

Thanks for all of the love and support so far. We’re still far from reaching our goal so we’d love it if you can spread the word about our campaign which runs until June 5th. Lots of bills to pay as making a movie like this isn’t cheap but we know it will all be worth it. A labor of love always is. ‪#‎goodbyeNOLAmovie‬

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