The Deal of the Day!


Goodbye, NOLA’s green day.
Day Three of our shoot took us to Work Light Pictures where we spent the day shooting the opening scene of our film. In it, the family drives from the airport to New Orleans and we begin to learn about each of the characters–their flaws, fears, wants and needs.

It was a productive day and much like the family’s own stories, we had our own hurdles to overcome, which brings us to the deal of the day.

With just five days left in our Indiegogo campaign, here’s today’s exclusive offer. Everyone who contributes at the Beignet Level or above will receive a “behind” the scenes video along with the accompanying story of why the “behind” is in quotes. If you’ve been thinking about supporting us but haven’t done so yet, it’s a great time to take the plunge (another clue). Be our number one supporter (there’s another). OK. We’re done. Hit the link below and join the rising tide of everyone else bringing Goodbye, NOLA to the big screen. Oops–another clue!

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