Actor Kathleen Griffith talks about her movie family

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I walked into a house full of strangers.  There was laughter from the kitchen and witty banter being tossed around a dining room table. I seemed to have walked in on a private party in full swing.  I felt alone among many…but not for long! In a short time I felt welcome, and by the end of my time with my Goodbye, NOLA cast mates…we were family!

In bringing to life this touching story about a family coming to terms with one another, while dealing with the life changing event of the passing of their father, we created lifelong friendships.  Learning to live life without regrets is a universal struggle. This film allowed us, both cast and crew, to delve into that reality while creating a new circle of friends. I am honored that I was able to work with such talented and giving people, and I am so grateful for the fun, the laughter, and the wonderful memories!

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