T-Minus Four Days and Counting…

Today’s Deal of the Day? We’re calling it “What’s Wonderful About Wednesdays.” It’s not only hump day, it’s also a great day to back the little film that could: Goodbye, NOLA.

For anyone who joins us at the $35 level and above, we’ll send you exclusive behind-the-scene pics from the Wednesday when we shot the climactic scene out on the beautiful Mississippi River. Paddleboat steamers, a beautiful bridge, tears of joy from our actors and more.

It’s a one-day only deal and today’s the day so jump on over to our Indiegogo site while it’s fresh on your mind. Make Wednesday weally wonderful and become part of the indie filmmaking world. The campaign ends Saturday.

https://igg.me/at/GoodbyeNOLAmovieIMG_3027 copy

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