The final Indiegogo incentive before the curtain goes down at 11:59 pm California time tonight (June 25th)

With just under 14 hours to go before the curtain goes down on Goodbye, NOLA’s fundraising drive, we humbly offer up our last big incentive.

Customized for all you procrastinators out there who “really meant” to be a part of our movie but just never got around to it, we offer this NOLA exclusive. Come in at the Muffuleta Level or above ($75) and we’ll send you a private link to a behind-the-scenes video shot by an anonymous writer/director who may have some involvement in Goodbye, NOLA. This offer (and the rest of the campaign) goes dark at 11:59 pm California time tonight so what are you still doing here? Shouldn’t you be on our Indiegogo page.

And, despite your clever efforts to get us to put up a link here, you won’t trick us into posting a link to the secret perk we offered yesterday. You remember the one that looked suspiciously like this.

Secret Perk:…

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