Another great location to grace Goodbye, NOLA

There are tattoo shops and then there are tattoo shops. Downtown Tattoos on the corner of Frenchman and Decatur screams New Orleans and it’s a place our characters will visit along the journey.  This is just another reason why we chose the picturesque city in which to place our story. That and the fact that this is where the actual story took place. It’s all coming together.

Downtown tattoo

Why our newest associate producer came aboard

We were knee-deep in the weeds, burning up the Internet yesterday in our quest to generate more support (financial and otherwise) for Goodbye, NOLA. One of our messages lands on the computer screen of Mark S. Weller. He replies with “I’ll take a look at your Indiegogo campaign.”

A few minutes later, we get a rapid series of Facebook DMs. They read like this:

Right in my wheelhouse –
i like stories about families handling the end of life process in an affirming way
and if it’s not a fiction – all the better
plus New Orleans
so it’s just great

This was followed by an email from Indiegogo and Fractured Atlas (our nonprofit partner) letting us know that Mark just became an associate producer.

We appreciate his generosity because it’s the kind of financial support necessary to make an indie film. But you know what’s just as cool? The enthusiasm. The passion. The connection that our story made. That’s why we need to make this movie.

Production team gears up for battle

With just three weeks before cameras roll, some of the production team grab equipment and protective gear. Last night’s session included a review of storyboards created by production designer Joe Sikoryak and discussion about camera setups, equipment wish lists and sound collection.

After an excellent Italian spread with just a bit of wine, the team took advantage of cinematographer Chris Rassmussen’s screening room to view the pilot episode of Treme because, if you’re going to be shooting a great movie in a great city, you can never get too much visual inspiration.

Pictured (from left to right): Director of photography Chris Rasmussen, production designer Joe Sikoryak, sound designer Stan Ng and director Scotty Cornfield.

Chris Rasmussen, Joe Sikoryak, Stan Ng and Scotty Cornfield in pre-production meeting (5/1/16)
Chris Rasmussen, Joe Sikoryak, Stan Ng and Scotty Cornfield in pre-production meeting (5/1/16)

Indiegogo is Here Here

They say good things come to those who wait and whoever “they” are, they’re probably right. In our case, we knew it would make sense if we could team up with Fractured Atlas (a nonprofit dedicated to helping artists). We were able to do everything we needed and now our Indiegogo campaign is up and running. The biggest advantage of receiving fiscal sponsorship from Fractured Atlas (which we have) is that all of the contributions on Indiegogo are tax-deductible. That’s not how most crowdfunding campaigns work and we think the added tax incentives will encourage people to donate. Here’s a link to the campaign. Please take a look and see if Goodbye, NOLA is something you’d like to support. Sure hope so! Here’s the link:


Hello world!


Welcome to our movie page. As you can see, we haven’t had time to post much about our short film now in pre-production, but here’s a quick glimpse at our log line (movie-speak for the one-sentence pitch):

After doctors gives him a short time to live, a retired railroad worker returns to his birthplace of New Orleans on his final quest—getting his adult kids to reconcile and to learn to live without him.

Watch this space later this week for big news about Goodbye, NOLA—a love letter to New Orleans and that crazy thing called family.